Puppy Care Program

Puppies have special needs – they require extra attention and more structured visits. With our program, puppies less than 6 months old will get a minimum of a 30-minute visit with a walk in the morning (10-12am) and a shorter 15-minute potty break with playtime in the afternoon (2-4pm).* Puppies older than 6 months will receive a customized visit program based on their specific needs. Each day your puppy sitter can focus on:

-Paying attention and responding to voice commands.

-Basic leash manners.

-Structured playtime as well as break time.

-Receiving treats with a gentle mouth.

-Not jumping up or demanding attention.

-Any special exercises as requested.

**(Minimum of 3 days a week required.) Discounts available for monthly recurring clients with four or more services per week!**

Private Dog Walks

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet’s daily walk routine? Let us walk the walk for you! Our professional, loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them on a walk in your neighborhood!

*Discounts available for monthly recurring clients with 3 or more walks per week!

Fetch! Cat Visit Playtime

We all know most cats love lots of attention. Our Pet Sitters will come to your home for a 30, 45 or 60-minute visit to check in on your kitties. We can use interactive toys, such as lasers, toy mice and birds on string to entice your kitty’s natural prey moves and get them up and moving! When applicable, visits can include play time, feeding, litter box cleaning, small household duties, home security check, and of course, lots of love!

*Discounts available depending on length of service and number of visits.

Mid-Day Potty Break

Our Pet Sitters can do a quick 15 minute visit to ensure your dog gets out of the house to do their duty. Small household duties can also be included in the service as requested.

Fetch! “Almost Overnight” Pet Sitting

“Almost Overnight” Pet Sitting service provides your pets with an extended three-hour evening visit in your home as well as another one-hour visit the next morning. You can breathe a sigh of relief because your pet will get to maintain their normal routine of feeding, playtime, and exercise in the safety and comfort of your household.

*Discounts available depending on length of service.

Fetch! In-Home Overnight Sitting

With our In-Home Overnight Sitting your pet can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own home while you’re away. Your sitter will come to your home in the early evening to feed, water, play and cuddle with your pet. The sitter will spend the night at your home and depart the next morning after approximately 12 hours of care. It’s just like you were home!

*Discounts available depending on length of service.